Indian Pickle: Storing Tips Every Indian Needs To Know

Pickle is the go-to food for Indians to make a meal extra Tasty and delicious. Every Indian household always has 4-5 varieties of pickles in their kitchen. An Indian meal is considered incomplete without the extra taste of pickles on their plate. We Indians love pickles with different varieties. The best part of Indian pickles is their recipe and taste change from state to state and region to region.

But why pickles are loved so much in India?

It’s because of the different ingredients used in the pickle. Each ingredient has its own health benefits and brings a different taste to the pickle. Pickles are sometimes spicy and have an Indian spice taste.

We all have childhood memory associated with the pickles as well. On summer days our mother and grandmother use to make pickles at home and we used to help them in making the pickles. We have dozens of memory associated with the pickles.


From where the word pickle came from?

The word pickle comes from the Dutch word “peel” and the German word “pókel” which means salt and vinegar. The studies say that pickle dates back to the valley of the Tigris River in 2030 BC.

Pickling is used to increase the shelf life of pickles which means putting pickles in the oil for extra shelf life. Pickles are easy to carry. A spoonful of pickles can add extra taste to your boring meal as well.

Health benefits of Indian pickles

There is a myth that Indian pickles are not healthy which is totally wrong. There are many health benefits of pickles. Indian pickles are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. The ingredients used in pickles have different vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. Pickles are rich sources of calcium and potassium.

One of the key ingredients of pickles is turmeric powder which contains curcumins that helps our body to fight against bacteria and viruses. Indian pickle also contains Antioxidant properties. Indian pickles also help us in improving the digestion system of our body. It also protects our liver as well as some ingredients used in pickles have hepatoprotective properties.

Different types of Indian pickles are available online in India

There are dozens of Indian pickles available online in the market. They all have different tastes and recipes. Each state has its own style of pickles and traditional way of making pickles. But all of them will taste delicious and can go with any kind of Indian meal.

But a few pickles are mostly used and are very famous in the Indian market. Out of which mango pickle is the most loved Indian pickle in the market

Some of the pickles which are famous in India are:

1) Stuffed red chili pickle are made up of Red chilies and are very spicy.
2) Mango Pickle is the most loved pickle in India. Amde from raw mangoes.
3) Green chili Pickle made from green chilies.
4) Nimbu Pickle made from lemons
5) Ambla Pickle made from Ambla fruits
6) Lasode Gunda Pickle made from fresh green Gunda fruits

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