Top 5 Benefits Of Mango pickle You Should Know


In India, Mango pickles are the most popular aachar. They go well with all of the main courses in Indian cuisine because of their combination of sweet, salty, and sour qualities. Depending on the region of our country, different ingredients, and recipes are used to make mango aachar. Mango is known as “The King of Fruits”, the same goes for mango aachar. Mow you can enjoy the flavor of mango all season year with mango aachar.


Mango pickles are made by mixing raw mango with different other ingredients. At Thejaipurco we make mango aachar using traditional recipes. The ingredients we use are 100% organic. Mango aachar can go with any Indian dish be it roti sbji or rice.

5 Benefits Of Mango Pickle

1) A wealth of antioxidants.

The mango pickle helps to remove free radicals from the body’s cells in an efficient manner. Antioxidants included in mango aachar protect the body from the harmful effects of oxidation.  Raw mangoes are pickled in a recently made, uncooked sauce to retain antioxidants. Raw mango pickles have rich amounts of vitamins C, A, and K.

2) Improved digestion and immunity

The ingredients used in mango aachar such as turmeric, mustard oil are rich in nutrients and vitamin E which helps in increasing immunity systems, and the rich amount of fibers in mango aachar help in enhancement of the digestion system. It protects us from stomach-related issues due to the presence of enzymes in pickles that break down the protein content.

3) Helps in reducing body weight

Mango pickles can help you in weight loss when consumed within the limit. This pickle contains fat-burning phytochemicals. Due to the high fiber content of mango aachar it helps in maintains a healthy digestive system. By keeping your stomach filled with taste, it can help you in avoiding overeating. Consequently, you might be able to lose weight while still enjoying this good taste.

4) They have a rich source of vitamins and minerals

The ingredients used in mango pickles are packed with Vitamins A and C which help in maintaining Eyesight, immunity, and skin. Turmeric used in mango aachar as an ingredient has curcumin that reduces the risk of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer, or heart-related issues.

5) Control or stabilizes the Blood pressure.

Mangoes and spices contain magnesium and potassium that helps in regulating and maintaining blood pressure. The ingredients used in this pickle may help you to lower blood pressure and improve heart health.


Mango aachar does not only taste good but also has many health-related benefits. They contain rich amounts of vitamins and other nutrients which help in keeping the body healthy. Order your Mango pickle with the jaipurco. We use the traditional recipe with 100% ingredients. Make your meal extra tasty and delicious with Thejaipurco mango pickle.

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